The Museum

Situated 100 km from the sea, Rouen is a thriving interior port. Its close proximity to Paris has made it France’s premier port throughout the centuries. Today it is still one of Europe’s most important ports.

The Musée Maritime, Fluvial et Portuaire de Rouen re-traces its history, and that of the River Seine, on a site of huge historical importance; the museum resides in an old hangar previously used for the storage of North African wine.

The museum is situated on the banks of the Seine, in the heart of the port, where liners, cargo-ships, tugboats and barges pass by. Since the conversion of the docklands, the quays have become a popular site for walkers and joggers, widely-appreciated by the people of Rouen. In another way, the museum also offers an excellent view of the construction of the new ultra-modern 6th bridge, which can be raised and lowered, scheduled for completion at the end of 2007.

Vues du musée